About us

Swona Heritage aims to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

We are a non-profit group of volunteers so all of our profits are put towards our community goals.

These are our goals:

  • prevent further degradation of the island’s built and cultural heritage;

  • protect the island's natural heritage

  • promote the responsible use the of the island for the enjoyment and benefit of the community;

  • create a hub for conservationists, researchers and the community to learn about the island’s history and significance; and

  • create a memorial to a lost way of life in the form of an open-air island museum.

Our approach is to make small accomplishments in the first instance and then try and build on those to achieve our greater ambitions either in full or in part.

Want to help?

If you are keen to help us achieve a small part of these goals you can make a donation below or if you have any of the following skills or assets then please get in touch. Even if you only have your enthusiasm to offer, we can still use able hands for essential works renovating the buildings, rescuing and storing artefacts.

All donations go towards the goals of the group.

Volunteer Help

Trade skills such as:

    • joinery

    • roofing

    • construction

    • drystane masonry

    • scaffolding

Assets to lend:

    • small vessels in the vicinity, capable of accessing the island

    • construction equipment

    • portable plant

Project experience in:

    • heritage work

    • conservation

    • skills in writing funding applications for community projects

    • experience in community engagement activities

    • archaeology

    • cultural research and report writing

Island management

We manage island activities so they can remain sustainable and sensitive to the island's natural and cultural heritage.

If you wishing to engage in leisure and recreational activities on the island click here for more information.

For all media enquiries please get in touch via info@swona.net.