What We're Up To

Amongst regular activies such as the general upkeep of the pier and breakwater, monitoring of buildings and wildlife and record-keeping, below are listed some specific activities carried out by the group:

  • Rose Cottage clean up in colaboration with Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership Scheme - 2012

  • Norhead window repairs - 2013

  • Norhead Clean up - 2013/14

  • Orkney Historic Boat Society Collaboration

    1. Transfer of Falcon Yole K418 built by James Rosie senior in 1927 to OHBS - 2017

    2. Restoration of the Falcon begins - coordinated by OHBS and conducted by Ian Richardson and Jeff Mackie, note that Ian Richardson and James Rosie were trained at Anderson's boatyard in Stromness) - December 2017

    3. Sails and rigging recovered from Swona (Norhead and the "up and doon hoose") by OHBS and Swona Heritage Group - 28 June 18

  • Norhead 3 windows and roof repaired (7 slates) - 26th June 2018

  • Locks and signs installed on various buildings - 2018

  • New beam installed in Norhead extension - 5th January 2019

  • Stairs in Norhead repaired (Alan Cooper, and Lindsay Reid) - October 2019

  • James Rosie's backup ferry - a Lifeboat of 1930s, ex “M/T Arne Kjøde - transferred to the OHBS - October 2019

  • Digital Tour - Set Fair for Swona - Collaboration with Orkney International Science Festival and the Stromness Museum - September 2021

  • Orkney Agricultural Discussion Society - Virtual talk on the Swona Cattle - February 2022